Global Compact RDC

Summary of opportunity

Eligibility criteria

These networks play a key role in enabling businesses to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals on the ground through policy dialogue, national implementation strategies and partnership building. They are organized and run locally, led by the companies, but always bring together the main stakeholders.

Thanks to the UN Global Compact, we help companies, those newly committed to the path of sustainable development or those already recognized in this field, to respect their promises to operate responsibly and support the Sustainable Development Goals. We are fulfilling this role through a range of activities at the international and local levels, from advocacy and resource development to the facilitation of partnerships and initiatives on specific issues.

in their national context and to implement their commitments.

Why commit

Participate in the framework of universal engagement

  • Initiate or develop your approach to social and environmental responsibility;
  • Give credibility and value to your approach;
  • Mobilize your teams and subsidiaries in the DRC and around the world;
  • Valuing the performance of your organization.

Develop knowledge

  • Have access to thematic programs, training, tools and resources.
  • Share best practices and strategies with more than 12,000 participants in 170 countries, online as well as through international forums
  • Engage with your stakeholders and participate in challenging working groups with your peers.
  • Benefit from privileged access to information related to the Global Compact, social responsibility and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Benefit from an accompaniment

  • Benefit from an outside look at your progress approach and individual or collective support in writing your annual Communication (COP or COE).
  • Benefit from personalized support in all your actions related to the Global Compact.
  • Propose our intervention within your organization or during your events.
  • Realize connections within or outside the network.

Promote your progress

  • Challenge your reporting by participating in our annual Best Communications Awards.
  • Benefit from many opportunities to take words and visibility on our media and publications.
  • Use the “Global Compact network RDC-We support” logo and obtain your certificate of participation in the Global Compact.

What is the commitment?

  • Integrate the 10 principles in its strategy, its organizational culture and its operations, in a process of continuous improvement.
  • Communicate with stakeholders on progress made and share experience
  • For companies: writing an Annual Communication on Progress (COP).
  • For other organizations: writing a Commitment Communication (COE) every 2 years.
  • Publicly campaign for the Global Compact and its principles through its communication channels.
  • Act to support the Sustainable Development Goals and more broadly, the United Nations.

How to apply

Contact information

  • +243 99 76 71 549
  • 47 King Baudouin Avenue,
  • Building the Magistrate, Kinshasa-Gombe

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