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Summary of opportunity

Genre en Action is a French non-profit association established in 2009. It supports a French-speaking international network created in 2003. Its objectives are to mobilize, inform and train a multidisciplinary Francophone community bringing together actresses and actors from different “worlds”. , research, media, donors, institutional, activist, political, expertise …) who share the same ambition: gender equality for all women and men.

Gender in Action aims to take into account the gender approach in public policies, programs and development projects, in all sectors and for all types of intervention (training, research, advocacy, local actions …). Genre en Action runs its activities according to 4 axes: inform, train, mobilize, change.


Our Gender in Action approach is “multi”:

  • multi-feminist, it is inclusive of all feminist sensibilities;
  • multi-stakeholder, it privileges cross-collaboration between civil society organizations, activists and “operational-ones”, politicians and academics, recognizing the “multi-caps” of its members;
  • multi-sectoral, it addresses gender in a cross-cutting approach across all sectors of development;
  • multi-spaces, it increases the capacity for sharing and creating dynamics in the French-speaking world, while ensuring the decompartmentalization of French-speaking, English-speaking, Spanish-speaking, Portuguese-speaking and Arabic-speaking spaces.
  • identifies and links members of the French-speaking world in and between “families”, and builds bridges with non-Francophone actors and spaces.
  • INFORM  : We produce and disseminate knowledge about gender inequalities in the French-speaking world using all communication tools.
  • TRAINING  : We build the capacity of development actresses for gender research and advocacy.
  • MOBILIZE  : We mobilize members of the Francophone community of the genre to strengthen its capacity for action
  • CHANGE  : We support independent gender inequality observatories to measure the impact of policies on the lives of women and men and to influence them for more gender justice

How to apply

To become a member of Genre en Action, you must create your profile online. Once your profile is validated, you will be able to access the following services:

  • Publish articles  (news, events in the section “Gender moves”)
  • Give your opinion  by posting comments
  • Participate in online discussions
  • Receive InfoGENRE , the monthly newsletter of Genre en Action
  • Register as a gender expert  : if you have expertise in the field of gender, you can, from your Member Area, fill out your profile as a gender expert and display your profile on the Directory. gender experts
  • Join Gender in Action  : If you want to get more involved with Genre en Action, you can join online from your Member Area (Membership Conditions )

Tax exemption for donations made to taxpayers Franç Recognized of general interest, the Gender in Action association has the authorization to establish tax receipts for any donation / contribution, which gives the right to a tax reduction for individuals and businesses 66% of the donation amount. Genre en Action will provide you with a tax receipt upon request.

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